Don’t be afraid of silicones & proteins

Don’t be afraid of silicones & proteins

It’s been a busy week, already but we can’t miss the #HealthyHairTip of the week:
💜Don’t be afraid of silicones & proteins💜
Our hair is 75% protein and adding a little bit into your hair care routine will go a long way. This is especially true if you suffer from super soft/spongy hair. Adding protein will balance your hair and promote curl definition. “Cones” or silicone is a wonderful ingredient to look for in a conditioner. Conditioners with silicone provide “slip” which means smoother and easier detangling.

Here are some protein-packed products:

Aunt Jackie’s Butter Fusion- Bamboo & Avocado Protein Masque

Design Essentials Oat Protein & Henna Shampoo

Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Lotion

At @inheritedbeautyco we pride ourselves in helping our Customers make educated purchases & finding the perfect product for their hair needs. #shoponline #followusformore

Source: Saleemah Cartwright RN, BSN & Cosmetologist @hydratherma

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