Hair Grease Has No Benefit

Hair Grease Has No Benefit

#HealthyHairTips‼️ Petroleum-Based Hair Grease DOES NOT clog your pores however, it has little to no benefit to the health of your hair. Grease will simply cause product buildup, prevent moisture retention and weigh your hair down. SO…Here's some grease alternatives for your daily routine:

Hydratherma Naturals Daily Hair Growth Lotion

Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Leave-in Creme

ORS Olive Oil No-grease Creme Styler

At @inheritedbeautyco we pride ourselves in helping our Customers make educated purchases & finding the perfect product for their hair needs. #shoponline #followusformore

Source: Saleemah Cartwright RN, BSN & Cosmetologist @hydratherma

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