Shedding vs Breakage

Shedding vs Breakage

So how do you know if your hair is SHEDDING or BREAKING?

First of all, Shedding is 100% normal…you shed 70-100 strands DAILY. If your hair is shedding, you’ll see a small bulb/folicle at the end of the strand. With Breakage, you won’t see one

Breakage is the biggest culprit in making you believe your hair isn’t growing. #LengthRetention Is the Goal! The key is balancing between protein & moisture to maintain #healthycurls

If your hair feels soft and spongy (over-moisturized) when wet, you need #PROTEIN

If your hair (when wet) lacks elasticity, and breaks right away, you need #MOISTURE

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Source: Saleemah Cartwright RN, BSN & Cosmetologist @hydratherma
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