Inherited Beauty Company

Inherited Beauty

/inˈherədəd/ /ˈbyo͞odē/
a combination of qualities, that please the aesthetic senses, derived genetically from one's ancestors.
Hello, Beauties! 
I want to first thank you for taking the time to visit Inherited Beauty Company, and I appreciate your support.
I'm sure most Black Men & Women can identify with the current shopping experience at their local beauty supply. I hated walking into the cluttered, warehouse-style stores, stepping over cardboard boxes to grab a new shampoo because the other 5 I tried did nothing for my hair...not to mention being sure I didn't take too long, for fear of being accused of shoplifting. I always walked out questioning why I was buying products created for me, from people who don't identify with, or value me.
As you may know, the Beauty Supply Industry is heavily supported by the Black Dollar, but those dollars never circulate back to the Black Community to support growth. My Mission for IBCo. is to play a role in improving the Black Beauty Supply shopping experience, in addition to supporting entrepreneurial growth in the Black Community. Additionally, there are many Black-Created and Owned beauty products that don't get the exposure they deserve. With your help, Inherited Beauty Co. will be a go-to beauty supply, featuring Black-Owned and Created Beauty Products, and promote growth in our Community, by simply embracing OUR Inherited Beauty! 
Stay Beautiful, 
Crystal Marie, Inherited Beauty Co., CEO
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